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Career Accessibility for Resilient Employment in STEMM (CARES)


The project aims to address the alarming STEM skills gap and gender imbalance by raising awareness of the wide range of current and future STEMM careers with the use of an AR app.

The Career Accessibility for Resilient Employment in STEMM (CARES) project aims to address the STEM skills gap and gender imbalances in STEM through innovative practices.

The idea of this project was developed based on the urgent need to tackle the STEMM skills gap and also to support the improvement of English language competencies for English as Second Language (ESL) students via the use of the AR app as a digital tool in education. These needs are recognised by all the partner organisations. 

This project is also innovative in analysing different methods of learning and teaching STEMM and also using English in order to create new ways to develop the key competences in students. The project brings together different schools, NGOs and institutions involved in education, hence allowing for the project outputs to be disseminated to a much wider community and implement effective changes. 

We will also focus on the transfer of teaching and learning techniques in schools, development of effective teaching materials and methods of innovation.

One of the prjocet's output is an augnented reality (AR) app, which will allow users, to take career quizzes and find out everything about specific STEM careers. 

The overall objectives of the project are to:

  • promote a passion for STEMM amongst teachers and students, 

  • develop a greater awareness of STEMM related jobs and skills required, t

  • widen teachers' and students' knowledge and experience of STEMM and 

  • enable teachers to gain skills in teaching STEMM in a holistic way.

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