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Global Robots Exchanging Adventurous Themes (GREAT)


The GREAT project focuses on learning, teaching and using new technologies and enhancing stakeholders' digital competencies.

Project duration: 2019 – 2022 (with 6 months extension due to COVID-19)

The GREAT project focuses on learning, teaching and using new technologies and enhancing stakeholders' digital competencies. 

Technology is playing a critical role in how curricula are being developed and implemented. This is reflected in a huge movement in many countries to reform STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curricula to prepare students for lifelong learning and for the demands of the future.

Our stakeholders developed and greatly enhanced their digital competence, which is avital 21st century skill for teachers and students. As a transversal competence, digital competence also helped our stakeholders to master other key competences including communication, language skills and basic skills in science and coding robotics. The GREAT project developed a wide range of teaching and learning materials along with the collection of teaching resources, which are easy to implement into any classroom in order to promote digital competence and coding and robotics:

Through this project,


  • Increased awareness about STEM careers, the importance of digital skills and the purpose and use of various programming languages and robots

  • Enhanced skills in Teamwork, communication, critical thinking, creative thinking, problem-solving, and computational thinking.

  • Enhanced English language competencies

  • Achieved numerous certificates in acknowledgment of completing projects such as Minecraft Artificial Intelligence, Mission Zero, Mission Space Lab etc.


  • Gained practical knowledge and competencies regarding educational tools

  • Gained competence to develop teaching materials and to adopt appropriate teaching methodologies to engage and motivate students

  • Enhanced their understanding of the importance of CPD

  • Enhanced their competencies and skills in integrating coding into lessons

  • Enhanced their pedagogical skills of cross curricular teaching due to the collaboration between project partners, peer observations, sharing of best practice

This project enbaled students to become familiar with block based and python coding, Arduino and careers related to coding and robotics through interactive coding activities. We are entering a world of “digital manufacturing” and “the next production revolution” where traditional factory floors are being transformed with new and more efficient processes. These breakthroughs are changing our economies so quickly that their impacts are difficult to capture. However, the education sector must keep up with such changes and reform the curricula accordingly.

Therefore, the GREAT project also developed:

The project is financed by Erasmus+ 2019-1-UK01-KA201-062030

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