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Medical and Manual Skin Care


Today, skin care is performed with the support of medical devices. The aim of this project is to determine vocational education and training policies on a national and international level in order to prepare future beauty experts for the business world, to meet demands of the sector and to ensure that students are trained to the highest standards with the knowledge, skills and experience that modern employees require.

AISR is currently working on the Medical and Manual Skin Care (MMSC) project, which will examine the European standards in medical skin care applications and the partners will develop further standards in order to: 

  • train qualified personnel for the beauty sector 

  • raise awareness 

Our partner institutions are:

  • Golbasi Zubeyde Hanim Professional and Technical Anatolian High School (Turkey); 

  • Teaching Institute La Minilla High School (Spain), Jonavos Polytechnic School (Lithuania) and 

  • the Beauty Experts and Hall Operators Association (Turkey). 

The aims of the mobilities are: 

  • to keep up to date with the latest developments, knowledge and skills within the sector 

  • to encourage professional development, and 

  • to raise awareness regarding the right products and right medical practices. 

Additionally, we will develop certified online trainings, workshops and seminars. We aim to prevent bad practices that are currently causing problems to many people by increasing the number of educated / expert people. There are a lack of medical skin care seminars and congresses for beauticians in Turkey, therefore we aim to address this imbalance. 

Project number KA202-8896F07F Project number KA202-8896F07F

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