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This project focuses on the development of new curricula regarding coding and robotics.

Most of the EU countries invest in order to integrate robotics and coding into educational curricula. The reorts of  the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) show that the rhythm of investments in technology is generally impressive in order to facilitate adoption in the school sector, but this does not match the expectations in the adoption of technology by the teachers and students and their ability on the integration of the technology into educational activities.

As stated in the OECD report, the inability of teachers and students to integrate robotics and coding knowledge into their own learning processes is an important problem. When we consider the underlying reason of this problem, it is understood that there is no discipline-specific curriculum related to robotics and codig, and no learning materials for students or teachers of STEAM.

The genuine innovation in this project is that the STEAM teachers will be able to access:

  • a cirriculum framework

  • state of art materials

  • self-assessment tool

  • E-Learning Platform to integrate the robotics and coding knowledge into teaching their own discipline. 

All these outputs will be developed by international subject-matter experts thus they will rebuild the capacity to educate students of the 21st century.

Therefore, project RoboCode mainly aims to:

  • Train STEAM teacher in terms of discipline-specific approaches to robotics and coding

  • Raise the quality of education in schools and strengthen teachers’ domain-specific skills

  • Contribute internationalization and standardization of the robotics and coding curriculum

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